Posey Safety Vest - Poly/Cotton, Quick-Release Buckle Straps


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Posey Safety Vest - Poly/Cotton, Quick-Release Buckle Straps
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Quick-release strap buckles offer additional ease of use with this Poly/Cotton Safety Vest. Manufactured by Posey, straps attach the safety vest Restraint to a patient's bed or chair, preventing patients from exiting without assistance and reducing the chance of self-injury.

This Patient Safety vest has a unisex plaid pattern and closes in the back with a zipper. The zipper is placed off of center to prevent it from causing irritation to the patient's spine while lying down.

This vest is available in 7 sizes and is completely machine washable.

See vest sizing and specifications below.

Posey Quick-Release Safety Vest Specifications

  • Item #: 3060
  • Style: Plaid pattern
  • Sizing: Small - 4XLarge
  • Material: Cotton/poly
  • Closure: Off-center Zipper
  • Attachment: Single strap, quick-release buckles

Posey Quick-Release Safety Vest Sizing Chart
Vest Size Item # Patient Weight Chest Width Overall Strap Length
Small 3060S 112-160 lbs 31-37 inches 65 inches
Medium 3060M 135-203 lbs 35-40 inches 65 inches
Large 3060L 160-225 lbs 38-44 inches 65 inches
XLarge 3060XL 180-247 lbs 42-48 inches 75 inches
2XLarge 3060XXL 220-275 lbs 46-55 inches 87 inches
3XLarge 3060XXXL 265-305 lbs 54-60 inches 92 inches
4XLarge 3060XXXXL 295-340 lbs 58-64 inches 98 inches