Podcast: AliTalks with Mary Grace Hensell, RN, MSN, CNOR on Safe Patient Handling


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Podcast: AliTalks with Mary Grace Hensell, RN, MSN, CNOR on Safe Patient Handling
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Daniel Litwin: Welcome to AliTalks where we sit down with thought leaders to bring new medical product solutions that are leading industry trends, driving best practices, and delivering efficiencies for healthcare professionals everywhere.

Shelby Skrhak: Welcome to AliTalks, an AliMed Podcast. I’m your host, Shelby Skrhak. Today, we’re sitting down with Mary Grace Hensel to discuss safe patient handling for patient safety and nurses. So let’s start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and how you found your way to nursing.

Mary Grace Hensell: Well, thank you. How I find my way to nursing? Well, I’m Mary Grace Hensel and I’ve been a nurse for 39 years, going on 40 years, and started off in Med Search. At that point in time, went to ICU and I’ve been in the operating room for about 33 years and have made this my life’s work and I’ve enjoyed every moment in every aspect of a perioperative nursing.

Shelby Skrhak: Well, of course, safe patient handling is an important topic because it’s really easy to hurt yourself trying to lift a patient or performing repeated actions like bending over a bed. I would even say my own example, I was caretaking for my grandmother for about a year with an already iffy back, and so now I’m heading for back surgery because I didn’t think it was really dangerous enough to put that kind of strain on your body. Do you have new nurses that think like that, that they don’t maybe realize how improper patient handling what that can do to your body, your back, all of those important things?

Mary Grace Hensel: Being in a number of different positions and I’ve been an educator in my career, I’ve been a frontline staff person, I’ve been a circulator, I’ve been a scrub, and you know, now my most recent position has been senior director for perioperative services for NOVO. So when you ask me, do new nurses find that it’s possible to hurt themselves? What I’m going to tell you is I think nursing is really one on the ten top occupations that have musculoskeletal injuries. And when I’ve been teaching new nurses during my career, they really don’t realize that the movement of bending or twisting your back or lifting incorrectly can cause a lifetime injury.